“Bad to the Bone” Ghouliani unmasked; Judge Ken Jeong fumes off stage

Once called “America’s Mayor” after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. But, then he hitched his wagon to TFG and everything in Rudy Giuliani’s life spiraled down the toilet quite rapidly. Now, he’s the unmasked singer on Fox’s “The Masked Singer,” belting out George Thorogood and the Destroyers’ Bad to the Bone.

While some in the audience and a few judges enjoyed his performance, panelist Ken Jeong was not amused. He thought the unmasked singer was supposed to be Robert Duvall. When Jeong realized it was not Duvall but America’s Disgraced Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, he crossed his arms and exited the stage saying “I’m done.”

Rudy Giuliani sings "Bad to the Bone" on Masked Singer as host @kenjeong leaves saying, "I'm done."

Originally tweeted by andrew kaczynski (@KFILE) on 04/21/2022.

Another Judge, Robin Thicke, followed Jeong’s lead and left the stage as well. The show’s host, Nick Cannon, tried his best to keep the show running and even asked the Disgraced Mayor why he decided to appear on the show:

 “I guess the main reason is I just had a granddaughter, Grace. I want her to know that you should try everything, even things that are completely unlike you and unlikely. I couldn’t think of anything more unlike me and unlikely than this. And I enjoy the show, I have for years, and it just seemed like it would be fun. I don’t get to have a lot of fun.”


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