Single Father of Oxford Survivor is Shot and Killed in Mistaken Identity

The single father of an Oxford High School shooting survivor was gunned down in his car after being mistaken for a threat to a neighbor.

Dennis Kendrick, 56, was in the parking lot of his apartment, sitting in his SUV preparing to leave for work at 3:30am on Wednesday morning. A man approached his vehicle looking for someone who had sent him a threatening text message, but it is unclear why the man assumed the message came from Kendrick. Police say there may have been a struggle, and the man produced a gun that he was licensed to carry, and shot Kendrick multiple times. The suspect then called 911 and said he had shot someone he believed was threatening him. Kendrick died at the scene, and the shooter was taken into custody.

Friends and family of Kendrick say he was a loving and devoted father to his 15-year-old son Kamari, a sophomore at Oxford High School who survived a school shooting months earlier. Kamari was in the hallway when four classmates died.

Kendrick was raising his son on his own.

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