Conservative Radio Host Thinks Families Should Be All White

Runs as Democrat for Michigan Senate Seat

A conservative radio host in Northern Michigan last week went on a racist rant about how commercials with mixed families were very upsetting to him.

Meet “Trucker Randy” Bishop.

“Can’t even watch a college basketball tournament without commercials telling me I have to feel guilty because I think a family should be a White mom, a White dad and White kids. They want us to die and go away. And they’re going to try to do it through politics this year. Well, we have got to be just as smart.”

He also thinks voter suppression is a myth.

“Why are we talking so much about voter suppression. … Black people not being allowed to vote?”

“Why are we allowing such a small percentage of our population to control our society. Because they own the media. Because they own the politicians. Because they own the public schools,” he continued before adding, “Have you noticed that every single White guy in a TV commercial now is either stupid, dependent on a woman or a complete rumbling, stumbling, bumbling idiot. Just take note of it. White men, especially middle-aged White men, are complete idiots in these commercials.”

This doesn’t seem to be a new thought for Trucker Randy, as he has had these “patriotic” thoughts since Obama was in office.

But wait, there’s more.

Trucker Randy is on the ballot for a state senate seat, running as a …….Democrat? Yes.

A longtime fixture in Michigan GOP politics, Trucker Randy said in 2018 he left the Republican Party when another Michigan Republican, Ed McBroom, headed a report proving that there was no fraud in the Michigan 2020 election.

Randy still continues to promote MAGA candidates, like the one endorsed on Saturday for attorney general in Michigan, Matt DePerno.

Michigan hosts open primaries, which means Democrats can vote in Republican primaries, and Randy feels threatened that Democrats can influence the outcome of the Republican primary. He felt so threatened that he and some other Republican activists offered a “constitutional conservative” candidate a $50,000 job to drop out of the Republican race, upping the chances of a MAGA candidate to win the primary. One of those activists is Joe Welsh, who incidentally is currently fighting an assault charge against a local reporter.

Welsh initially declined to say who helped him come up with the idea, but in a follow up text message reviewed by Bridge, he told Hindle he developed the idea with “Randy,” an apparent reference to Bishop, who denied involvement.

The “pay-to-play” scheme didn’t work, so Trucker Randy filed to run as a Democrat in the 37th District of Northern Michigan, despite his own two previous felony fraud convictions and a current disturbing the peace charge.

“If they have to deal with me as a serious candidate on the Democrat side, they wouldn’t be able to cross over and vote for Republicans, they would have to vote for who they feel they want as their Democrat nominee,” Bishop said. 

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