Free Chat Friday, Week 17

Happy Friday News Viewers; the April that just started is now over and we’re looking at another glorious pollen filled weekend. Why, you may ask, am I bringing up allergies and weather? There are so many heavy and overwhelming issues facing us daily — the daily tantrums, rage and diatribes, the stupidity and hypocrisy coming out of all levels of government, wars and rumors of wars, global deprivation, global exploitation. . . . .so much of the heavy life we have to weather. . . .

A few international cartoons from this week:

Despite all that HEAVY, we come to News Views and have serious discussions, but we also have hilarious ones with our twisted insights, puns and word combos — the saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child”? I’m changing it to “it takes a community to think, solve, cogitate and consider, but also to chuckle, snort and hoot.

Welcome to Free Chat Friday where the topics are all over the map and the only rule is the no asshole rule; let us know what’s going on with you on April 29, 2022. What IS happening in your neck of the woods?

Who should be the next senator from California?