Two Oklahoma Police Officers Charged in Fatal Shooting of Black Man

Ronan and Hinkle

Quadry Sanders, 29, was the person in violation of the protective order, according to a statement issued in December by the Lawton police chief, James T. Smith. The statement added that the caller reported that Sanders was waving a gun inside the house. Officers learned that Sanders was refusing to let one of the residents leave, according to a statement by the district attorney that was reported by local news station KSWO.

When Quadry Sanders exits the house again, the officer wearing the body camera moves toward him, directing him to put his hands up and get down on the ground. The only object visible in his hands is a baseball cap, according to the district attorney’s statement. Mr. Sanders appears to try to move behind a refrigerator sitting outside. Just as he raises his hands above his head, one of the officers shoots at Mr. Sanders four times.

When Sanders falls, an officer yells “Hands! Hands! Hands!”

The footage then shows Mr. Sanders sitting up with his hands above his head, at which point he is shot repeatedly.  According to the statement by the district attorney’s office, 15 rounds were fired at Mr. Sanders overall — 11 rounds by Officer Hinkle and four rounds by Officer Ronan.

Officers shout at Sanders to “stay down” and “roll over on your stomach.” Sanders, writhing, appears to say, “I’m down” and “I can’t breathe.”

The officers are then seen dragging Mr. Sanders’s limp body from the doorway, leaving a trail of blood on the driveway. They do not begin to treat his wounds for over two minutes after firing the final shots.

An officer continues to yell at Sanders, who is in his death throes, “quit moving, quit moving” and “quit reaching”, all the while he’s handcuffed. He had been shot 12 times.

“I can’t find a single redeemable factor that mitigates any aspect of this shooting,” Lee Merritt, the family’s attorney wrote on Instagram. “It was just murder. There was no justification. These men must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

NY Times and Seattle Times

◾️Officers Ronan and Hinkle were fired Jan. 7. The shooting happened on December 5, 2021.

◾️Ronan was previously under investigation for the fatal shooting of another Black man.

◾️The two were charged with first-degree manslaughter.

◾️They each posted $25,000 bail and are out.

WARNING: The video is graphic, it shows the shooting, the blood and the wounds. 

The first 17 minutes show little. I recommend going to the 17 minute mark where the festivities are about ready to begin.

A description of the entire episode including the first 17 minutes may be found in A statement for Comanche County District Attorney Kyle Cabelka

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