Free Range Free Chat

Yes, it’s Monday, News Viewers, again, so welcome to Free Range, our all over the place free chat for the day, hence the phrase “Free Range” It’s been a week. Another one. Another week so jam packed and chaotic that we often feel exhausted before the day starts.

Since Free Range has an environmental emphasis, on this day after which we’ve lived in a country of mass shootings, income discrepancies, a lack of food for kids and too much processed food for adults; a country of quack-quack-quack political-speak all day every day, of social media blah-blah-blah, honesty optional, we need solutions. We don’t just need “save the world” solutions, we also need “save ourselves” solutions.

Man and his dog comfortably sleeping in.

Can you imagine what this country would be like if people felt fine? Serene rather than anxious; rested rather than overwrought; amused rather than pouty; full of energy rather than run down. . . . Imagine what we could do.

It’s possible that when we address environmental care and keeping for the planet, that we can also deal with the care, the climate, the rational use of resources and the balance of all within the human body. The body is our micro-planet, a microcosm of the earth we seek to conserve and rebuild.

The human environment known as a “body” is throwing a thank-you party today on this Monday for the creation of NAPS, first step toward saving ourselves and the world. As they say, “sleep knits the raveled sleeve of care,” and when we nap, cells have regenerated, heartbeats have slowed, blood pressure has decreased. Eyes have moistened due to eyelids and ducts; ears have rested from the work of interpreting and trying to hear sound. The body says “Thank You.”

Now that you have rest and health on your mind, what have you got to chat about today? It’s all topics, all the time, the no assholes rule, the no trolling rule, the “what you got (to say) is what we want.” What’s on your mind?