Recap of Tuesday, May 17, 2022 primaries

The Midterm Primaries are in full bloom. On Tuesday, voters went to the polls in North Carolina, Kentucky, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Idaho and most of the results are in…except for the race to the bottom in PA’s, GQP’s US Senate race.

So, let us begin with Pennsylvania because I’m biased:

Scary AF and Still Too Close to Call:

PA Governor’s Race:

TFG’s Cultist Pulls Through:


Yeah, Poodlehead won the GOP primary:

North Carolina:

TFG’s Cultist Pulls Through:

And in the Best News of the Day: TFG’s Cultist Doesn’t Pull Through:

Idaho: Like any member of the Democratic Party stands a chance in this sea of red-

TFG’s Cultist Loses:

More results found here:



Republicans are hoping to elect Oregon’s first G.O.P. governor in decades, buoyed by dismal approval ratings for Gov. Kate Brown, a term-limited Democrat. Christine Drazan and Bob Tiernan, both former state representatives, are leading in a crowded Republican primary. Democrats are coalescing behind the longtime State House speaker Tina Kotek.

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