Michigan SOS: Trump Suggested I Be Arrested For Treason and Executed

Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s Secretary of State and top election official, said she faced an onslaught of attacks following the 2020 election, including that the former president suggested in a White House meeting that she should be arrested for treason and executed.

Benson said she learned of it from a source familiar with the White House meeting.

Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich said: “I have it on good authority that Secretary Benson knowingly lied throughout her interview with NBC News.”

The Trump endorsed candidate running against Benson echoes the sentiments of TFG.

Kristina Karamo has said the election was “rigged and stolen” and “Secretary of State Benson should go to jail.”

NBC News’ most recent polling suggests that about 38 percent of voters across the country still believe the election was stolen.

“The Big Lie is not just spreading, but it’s deepening its hold on the American people,” Benson said. 

Polls in January showed Benson with a healthy lead over Karamo.