Disinformation halts DHS board intended to combat disinformation

Caving to Wing Nut hysteria and disinformation, DHS halted its board they created to combat disinformation after only three weeks of existence.

Newly appointed Disinformation Governance Board leader, Nina Jankowicz, came under relentless and sometimes vicious attack from right-wing media and GQP lawmakers. They don’t like the possibility of being held accountable for the endless amounts of disinformation they spread on a daily basis.

Initially, DHS shared very few details about the board but it’s intentions were to curb the spread of misinformation online from foreign countries, in particular: Russia and China. Of course the conspiracy and addle minded RWNJs didn’t view the intentions for what the were. Rather, they started spreading misinformation about the board claiming it play ‘internet police.’

On Wednesday, the board took a 75 day pause to regroup and it’s leader quit.


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