Female Jewish Leaders Sue Jewish Ultra-Orthodox News Site for Blurring Their Faces

The Israel Religious Action Center says it is seeking NIS 345,000 ($100,000) in damages from B’hadrei Haredim for a picture it ran last year of female leaders of Jewish movements meeting with President Isaac Herzog, in which the faces of the women were digitally smudged out.

“B’hadrei Haredim must pay a significant price for this illegal exclusion, compensating my colleagues for the humiliation caused,” IRAC Executive Director Anat Hoffman says in a statement.

Many ultra-Orthodox publications refrain from publishing photos of women, or blur their faces, saying that depictions of women are immodest and should not be available to the eyes of those who subscribe to the need for hypermodesty.

The Times of Israel

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Taliban Say Female Afghan TV Presenters Must Cover Faces on Air

Taliban authorities in Afghanistan have told television broadcasters to ensure that female presenters working in local stations cover their faces when on air, a government official said.

The order follows a recent directive from Taliban authorities that Afghan women must cover their faces in public and is seen as the latest sign of a possible return to the Taliban’s ultraconservative rule of the past and an escalation of restrictions on women that are causing anger at home and abroad.

“Representatives of the ministries of Vice and Virtue and Information and Culture called it a final verdict and not up for discussion,” TOLOnews tweeted.

Al Jazeera

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