January 6 Committee Public Hearings Scheduled in June, Starting and Ending With Prime Time Hearings

The House select committee investigating the attack at the Capitol on January 6 is expected to stage six public hearings on their findings, with the first and last hearings scheduled for prime time.

A select committee member will lead each of the hearings, but the committee’s lawyers will conduct the questioning of witnesses.

Dates and Times according to the draft schedule:

  • June 9th at 8pm
  • June 13th at 10am
  • June 15th at 10am
  • June 16th at 10am
  • June 21st at 10am
  • June 23rd at 8pm

 The prime-time hearings are currently scheduled to last between 1.5 and 2 hours and the morning hearings between 2 and 2.5 hours.

Content of the hearings

Expect the attorneys to show texts, photos and videos to illustrate the testimony, to include:

  • How the Trump White House coordinated the plan with fake electors and seizing the voting machines, and the plan to delay the certification of Biden’s win.
  • How Stop the Steal activist Ali Alexander applied for permits but never held the “Wild Protest” and instead went up the Capitol steps
  • Why Trump misled the crowd to believe he would march with them to Capitol, and why he wouldn’t call off the rioters

Capping off the six hearings under the current schedule, the sources said, will be a close examination of video footage of the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys militia groups’ leaders meeting in a parking garage the day before the deadly riots, and their movements at the Capitol.

That final hearing is notable, the sources said, because the select committee is attempting to connect Trump’s political plan for January 6 and the militia groups’ violence at the Capitol in what could form evidence that Trump oversaw an unlawful conspiracy.

Sources say the exact content and timing of the hearings is subject to change.

From The Guardian