‘Public Enemy Number 2’: Wichita Woman Accused of Pooping on Beauty Store Wigs

WICHITA, Kan. (TCD) — The Wichita Police Department has identified a woman they say defecated in the aisle of a beauty store, causing damage to products.

According to a news release from the Wichita Police Department, on Tuesday, May 10, the female suspect entered a beauty supply store located in the 2200 block of E. 21st Street, where she defecated in the middle of an aisle. Police say eight wigs were destroyed as a result of the significant defecation, and the store would like to pursue criminal charges against the “poopetrator.”

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The public bowel release is said to have been caught on the store’s surveillance camera footage. Law enforcement declined to release that footage, they said, out of respect for certain norms and comity.

“The incident was captured on video surveillance, but for the good of all of you, we are not posting the footage of the offending fecal assault,” the police department wrote in the posts.

“We’ve already confirmed that this is NOT Amber Heard so please stop calling and emailing that info!” The Wichita Police Department said in one Facebook comment, honing in on the zeitgeist of poop-themed chatter. “Thanks!”



According to The Wichita Eagle, the woman is believed to be a serial offender. The woman performed the same excremental act at yet another Mid-K Beauty Supply later the next day, the WPD told the paper, citing the manager of the first store who allegedly said she had “done this at another store” in the area.

Her motive is unclear.

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