Trump-Promoted ‘Alien DNA’ Doctor Says Biden, Pelosi, Gates Are Dead and  Bodies Were Replaced By Demonic Clones !


Demon Sperm

Immanuel first gained infamy in 2020 when then-President Donald Trump promoted her work (hydroxychloroquine) despite the fact that she had a documented track record of espousing theories about demons impregnating human women during their sleep and about physicians using “alien DNA” to treat their patients.

Here’s an excerpt from her latest:

Brothers and sisters, patriots, we are living in a time when there are two seeds in the world, the other seed is not human. And until we start realizing that we’re dealing with creatures that are not human, you keep thinking people like Pelosi and Biden are human. I don’t know where they are human selves are. But the Bible says the devil will deceive the people of the world to create these images. So how does this deception take place? What’s happening to this seed? Listen, the devil will deceive them — that if you die, you’re gonna live forever. We will clone you, download your brain to the internet of things. And then we’re going to upload your brain back into that clone and you will live forever. It’s a deception. Because you see, Bill Gates has been deceived. Even the elites of the world that we’re human beings have been deceived. Because if you guess what’s gonna die in 20 years, why is he trying to kill us? Why is he trying to preserve the world if he’s living in 20 years? They have deceived him that he will live forever, that when he dies, they will clone him, but he will die or maybe he has already and he will go to Hell. They will clone him! Alright, but what is going to live in those clones but demonic spirits and that is why their agenda is so evil.

From last year,

Florida’s new Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, was a speaker along with Dr. Stella pushing hydroxychloroquine.

Nuff said

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