EmptyG wishes everyone would quit picking on murderous White Supremacists

“White supremacy shouldn’t be the main target,” said Greene, who instead urged panic over the border "invasion."

“What about the Asian guy? What about the Black dude?”

In a rant conducted from a moving vehicle with some radicalized, far right media outlet, Real America’s Voice, Marjorie Taylor Greene did her best ‘whataboutisms’ to deflect from the fact the US has a major problem with White Supremacists killing people based on the color of their skin or perceived immigration status and justified by their belief in the debunked Great Replacement Theory. White Supremacists believe in a “racist conspiracy narrative that falsely asserts there is an active, ongoing and covert effort to replace white populations in current white-majority countries.”

“White supremacy shouldn’t be the main target,” the lawmaker argued. “We should be more concerned about the illegal invasion at the border, the crime happening every single day on our streets, especially in cities like Chicago. We should go after criminals that break the law and not pursue people based on their skin color.”

“Jerry Nadler’s reference to the Buffalo shootings that so incensed Greene was part of his argument to pass the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act to crack down on the problem. The bill is supported by Democrats, but Republicans are lukewarm. “

Actually, the GQP remains frigid cold about the bill because it would target their White Supremacist base. The House passed it last week along party lines (222-203), with only GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill. to vote in favor of the measure but more than likely, it will fail in the Senate. However, “its provisions have broad bipartisan backing among U.S. voters.”

According to an FBI report released last year, 2020 experienced the highest number of hate crimes in two decades. But MTG wants people to look away from all that and focus on “invaders” coming from our southern border and those dreaded, ‘librul’ cities like Chicago.

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