Coffee Talk

Good morning, NewsViewers, my second cup is getting cold — almost as cold as my heart for the faction of the stupid in this country.

Today’s Topic

Covid-19 may have affected the brains of Americans with or without infections, as the problem has increased, but we all know the level of stupid has always been elevated here in the land of the free.

Alex Jones is not simply an eccentric provocateur, but a vampiric exploiter of the stupid. He has stoked conspiracy theories that have gone mainstream, from chemtrails, gay bombs, and gay frogs to pedophile Democrats.

There was Todd Akin who said, “If it is a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try and shut that whole thing down.”

Last night I was reading a blog titled, “40 Very Dumb Statements About Women By Men Who Have No Clue How Women Work.” It was based on this viral tweet.

There were some tweeted replies highlighting how dumb some men are about reproduction and women’s bodies.

  • I met a guy who was against sex before marriage because it meant the woman was, in his words, so promiscuous she used to take the Pill nearly every day!
  • I had a boyfriend who insisted my period ALWAYS came with the full moon.
  • NASA sent Sally Ride 100 tampons for the two weeks she would be in space.
  • My ex thought women were pregnant for 12 months and assured me I was wrong when I disagreed. He was 25.

What’s one of the dumbest/funniest things you’ve ever heard?

I still laugh about a first-grade teacher friend telling me of one of her students explaining that his mom wouldn’t be having anymore babies because she had her boobs tied.

Welcome to Coffee Talk, friends, your Thursday version of free chat. Feel free to share on topic, or off-topic. Please, keep it decent, and feel free to share beyond the examples based on reproduction or Alex Jones.

Enjoy your Thursday, and enjoy your free chat!