Free Chat Friday, Week 21

We didn’t see this one coming, a Memorial Day spent remembering children, and children who died just three days ago. Memorial Day is meant for remembering men, women, grown-ups all, who died serving in the military.

Coming up we’ll remember children and teachers who died not in the military but in a kind of war, a fight for the right be safe, secure and protected by the laws which are supposed to represent the voice of the majority.

This week has made something crystal clear, that this Memorial Day can’t be a Memorial Day. There won’t be the picnics, the free time we’ve come to expect, the burgers, grills and nostalgia.

Looking back to past wars and sacrifices for our country, for our freedoms, for our rights at this time in history is as empty, as hollow as the cowardly and self-serving responses by this country’s Political-Rightwing-Immoral-Conniving-Killers, that’s PRICKs for short. … who have tied themselves in knots this week trying to convince We The People that the problem is not the problem.

Texas Crayon, France
Monkey Pox, Jordan
Unequal Opportunity, Spain
Climate Change, Palestine

Welcome to our free chat, Friday, May 27, 2022. Now is the time, this is the place, for all of us to share and share alike — ideas, jokes, thoughts, imaginings and discoveries. Another week is winding down in NewsViews Land, so what’s going on? What’s happening in your corner of the globe?