Last Call: May 28, 2022

Good evening, News Viewers and welcome to Saturday Night.

I’m over war; I’m over mass shootings; I’m over the GQP and their failure to ever do anything that’s right and benefits society as a whole as opposed to just the rich and entitled or White Supremacists, and I’m mainly over carnage. I’m sure all of you are as well.

So, let’s take a break from it all. Pour yourself a beverage of your choice, kick back and enjoy one another’s company.

While searching for some historical things, I ran across this:

1979 – The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund held a news conference to announce plans for a memorial honoring those who served in the war.

I don’t know if any of you have seen the Veterans Memorial in D.C., but if you can, OMG! It’s phenomenal–sad, heartbreaking, you can see the parts of history the GQP doesn’t want to talk about but it still exists, and just well worth the time.

My husband and I were in D.C. in 2012 and went to the Memorial. It’s starts out very low indicating the beginning of our involvement in Vietnam then the wall grows taller with more names filling it as the war escalates. Just by looking at the names on the wall, there are more people with the last name Jefferson and Washington (using these two last names as examples) or last names ending in vowels than say, names like Romney or Bush or Alexander…surnames not usually had by black folks or names indicative of one’s ethnicity.

Ok, so, I said let’s not talk about war and I bring up war…sorry, moving on but, if you can see the memorial, do so.

Anyhoo, enjoy the rest of the weekend and be safe.

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