Catholic Woman Suing LA County Coroner Over Slain Son’s Cremation May Get $445,000 Settlement

Mother Agonizes She May Not See Son In Heaven

Maria Elvira Quintanilla Cebreros alleges in her 2020 lawsuit that the county failed to perform its mandatory duties and violated her civil rights by failing to notify her that her son, Jesus, had died in 2019 and then, without her permission, cremated his remains.

“Plaintiff is a devout Roman Catholic,” the lawsuit states. “Her religious and cultural belief systems include a strong conviction that the bodies of loved ones must be buried in a cemetery near the family. It is against the tenets of her faith to cremate a loved one.”

“Defendants’ failure to notify plaintiff of the death of her son and to allow her to dictate the terms of his disposition and final resting place has been emotionally devastating,” the suit states.” Due to her religious and cultural beliefs regarding cremation, plaintiff struggles daily with the thought that Jesus may not have made it to his maker. She agonizes over whether she will see Jesus in the afterlife.”

The board of supervisors has yet to approve the settlement.

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