Texas school police chief not responding to investigators; sworn in as city council member

Uvalde police chief of Consolidated Independent School District, Peter Arredondo, hasn’t responded for a follow-up interview in a state investigation into the law enforcement response to an elementary school massacre that left 19 children and two teachers dead. Instead, he was sworn in as a city council member even though the town’s mayor, Don McLaughlin, announced the ceremony would not take place as scheduled. On Monday, Mayor Don McLaughlin released the following statement:

“Our focus on Tuesday is on our families who lost loved ones. We begin burying our children tomorrow, the innocent victims of last week’s murders at Robb Elementary School. The special City Council meeting will not take place as scheduled.”


Arredondo participated in an initial interview but has not yet answered requests for follow-ups a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, Travis Considine said. “Arredondo is said to be the incident commander who incorrectly believed the gunman to be a barricaded suspect and ordered officers to remain outside during the shooting.

After more than an hour, federal agents disobeying the chief’s orders entered the school and fatally shot the gunman.”

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