Bill Barr Brags that Durham Sufficiently Smeared the Clintons Even Without a Single Conviction

Fox News host Jesse Watters interviewed Bill Barr on Wednesday and asked whether he felt responsible for Durham’s failure to secure a conviction from the epic failure “investigation” that unfolded over three years.

Bill Barr ensured Watters that he was “proud” of Durham’s investigation, and despite not getting a conviction out of a D.C. jury, Barr believed Durham provided something far more important.

“I think he crystalized the central role played by the Hillary campaign in launching as a dirty trick the whole Russiagate collusion narrative and fanning the flames of it,” Barr said. “Second, I think he exposed really dreadful behavior by the senior ranks of the FBI who knowingly used this information to start an investigation of Trump.”

Former Republican strategist Tim Miller called out Barr for arguing that “it doesn’t matter they failed in an utterly frivolous prosecution because they succeeded in smearing the Clinton campaign.”

George Conway called on the Biden administration to shut down Durham’s smear campaign. “I hope it’s headed into the trash can. The Justice Department should put an end to this ridiculous investigation now. This case was a joke,” he told MSNBC. “There was nothing here to begin with.”

Barr seemed proud of the corrupt tactics used by the Trump DOJ that produced a nothing-burger, and jumped at the chance to excuse Durham’s failure to convict anyone in the Clinton smear campaign.

Barr hears voices…