Just In Time for Pride Month: School Board Candidate Checks Out LGBTQ Books to Create a “Safe Place for Children”

Heather Fletcher, who is a candidate for the Frederick County Board of Education in Maryland, checked out roughly 20 books on Tuesday from an LGBT pride month display at the Brunswick Public Library to make the library a “safe place for children.”

Fletcher claims her motives have nothing, nothing whatsoever, to do with “the gay community;” she’s just doing her part in “the preservation of innocence.”

She doesn’t want her three, young children seeing the word, ‘queer’ on books. Apparently, Fletcher asked the library staff to remove the books from the main lobby but when they denied her request, Fletcher went on a ‘check-out’ spree so no one would be subjected to them. She also “took a cup of pins with pronouns — often used as a sign of gender identity — printed on them.”

Fletcher said she would eventually return the books but she’s not so sure if she will return the pins she lifted from the library. She also said she would no longer patronize any of her local libraries because their just not ‘safe places for children’ and not involved in ‘the preservation of innocence.’

Library staff reconfigured their display once Fletcher left with all the ‘gay’ books she checked out. Frederick County Public Libraries spokesperson Samantha Jones said there is no limit on the amount of books a patron can check out and Fletcher could easily renew the books she checked up to 10 times.

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