FLORIDA GUNZ: 2-Year-Old Fatally Shot Dad After Finding ‘Easily Accessible’ Gun

Marie Ayala and Reggie Mabry in Happier Times

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DATELINE: ORLANDO, Fla. — Sheriff Mina said the boy’s 26-year-old father, Reggie Mabry, was found wounded about noon May 26, after deputies went to their home in response to a 911 call about a shooting. The man’s wife, 28-year-old Marie Ayala, was performing CPR when rescuers arrived.

It was originally thought that Mabry committed suicide, then the couple’s 5 year old fingered his brother as the shooter.

Investigators discovered the couple, both of whom were on probation for child neglect and narcotics charges and had felony convictions making it illegal for them to possess firearms, had left a gun “easily accessible” in a bag, where the 2-year-old apparently found it, Mina said.

The sheriff said “Their father is dead, their mother is in jail and a young child has to live their life knowing that he shot his father,” Mina said. “These tragedies are 100% preventable.”

Orlando Sentinel

◾️“Three children ages, five two, and five months old were in the home but we’re not injured. 

◾️Maybry was shot in the back by the child.

◾️After Mabry’s death, Ayala was arrested on charges including Manslaughter by Culpable Negligence and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon.

Free Press

◾️Reggie was shot while he was playing a video game.

Huff Post


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