Talko Tuesday: June 2022

Good morning, News Viewers, and welcome to the first Tuesday of June.

So, any June babies in the house? Yes, we have at least one and I already told Mr. G what I want for my b-day at the end of the month: A ‘Giant Fuyu’ persimmon tree. I would plant it in a container (and already have a spot picked out) since where I live, persimmon trees get very big, as in huge. We’ll see if it materializes because somebody claims I have way too many plants and trees. That’s BS; you can never have enough plants. Who knows? Mr. G loves persimmons so, it could actually happen.

So, what’s going on in your world?

I finally got the Striped Shithead in the house after one week of chasing her ass and playing stupid feline games. I walked out in my backyard yesterday afternoon and there she was all cuddled up in her ‘princess’ bed Mr. G put out for her. He made it a hotel for her, complete with breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed, that I thought she would never come in. I think the rain we had Saturday night and yesterday morning did it for her.

But, she’s all cuddled up in her bed and sees me, meows at me to pay attention to her, which I said I would not do, then started rolling around in her bed for me to rub her tummy. I went over to her and just scooped her striped butt up and threw her in the house! I finally ended the week long standoff with her.

Now, she’s asleep on ‘her’ chair, my desk chair courtesy of California’s ‘finest’ inmates, that she hijacked from me the moment I brought it home from work a few years ago. But, she’s back and safe…until the next time she finds a way to break free. I want to give her a bath because she kept going under the house (ewwww!) but I value my skin. Suggestions?

Be safe everyone and enjoy the rest of the week.

Who should be the next senator from California?

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