Texas Preacher: Every Single Homosexual ‘Should Be Lined Up And Shot In The Back Of The Head’

“Every single homosexual in our country should be charged with the crime, the abomination of homosexuality, that they have. They should be convicted in a lawful trial,” Awes said. “They should be sentenced with death. They should be lined up against the wall and shot in the back of the head! That’s what God teaches.”

“That is a scary thing. You want to know why we say that all homosexuals are pedophiles? And let me make that very clear: All homosexuals are pedophiles,” he continued. And people say, “Well, what about all the straight people that molest children? They’re f**s! I don’t care what you call them. If a person is with a child, you’re a f**. You’re a reprobate. You’re a sodomite. I don’t care what kind of classifications our government wants to give them. All homosexuals are pedophiles.”

“When sodomites, when wicked reprobate sodomites, go up and shoot up an elementary school, you know what the sodomites are doing? They’re rejoicing. They’re happy about that. Because [a book] says that they have pleasure in them that do all these things,” he said. “You know, while a normal person would look at a tragedy, or something really sad that happened—a child getting abused, you know, a school shooter, a murder, a rape, a really, just, sick crime, and our hearts would break over that. And we would be grieved for the sin and for the wickedness that’s gone on.”


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