THE FIFE FILES: Robbins Officer Cleared in “Accidental” Shooting

Rosas had been on the job for 3 weeks before he shot the landlord.

Robbins N.C. officer Cristian Rebollar Rosas was off duty and had returned home from a shift when the incident occurred. According to the SBI report, sent to D.A. Hardin’s office on May 16, Rosas came home and found the landlord, Erica Catalan, talking to his father. Rosas went into a bedroom and began unloading his firearm. He then “dry fired” the weapon to ensure all ammunition was out of it.

“Mr. Rosas indicated that he believed that he had properly unloaded the firearm before ‘dry firing’ the weapon,” the news release reads. “However, the weapon had not been properly cleared and when Mr. Rosas attempted to ‘dry fire’ the weapon, he actually fired a round that passed through the wall of the residence striking Ms. Catalan in the living room.

“There was no evidence that the shooting was an intentional assault on Ms. Catalan. All evidence presented and statements taken appeared to support an accidental shooting of Ms. Catalan.”

District Attorney Mike Hardin said state law has no criminal statute for a negligent or accidental discharge of a firearm resulting in injury.

There was no word if the police department would discipline Rosas.

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