Tuesday June 7 Primary Results

California: California has an Open/Top Two primary, except for president. Whomever the top two candidates that gets the most votes regardless of their partisan affiliations, advances to the general election. Consequently, it is possible for two candidates belonging to the same political party to win in a top-two primary and face off in the general election.

First off, San Francisco recalled their District Attorney Chesa Boudin. It appears he pissed off a bunch of people because the progressive D.A. tilted the ‘tough on crime’ way too far the opposite for most folks in San Francisco. BTW–we don’t call San Francisco, ‘Frisco.’ Good god…just don’t.

BreakingBoudin’s recall, bankrolled by conservative donors and moderate Democrats, is a blow to progressive prosecutors. Democrats have found themselves on the defensive over crime even in heavily blue cities. Boudin had argued that the recall was an attempt by Republicans to accomplish what they could not in a normal election.

***Sound familiar? Just ask Governor Newsom.

Speaking of Governor Newson: After surviving a recall election a few months ago, Governor Newsom has secured the Democratic nomination by a large margin. At this point, he has over 60% of the total vote counted thus far. He will face some Republican named Brian Dahle in November.

After President Biden and then Senator Kamala Harris won the 2020 election FAIR AND SQUARE!!!, Governor Newsom appointed Alex Padilla to fill her vacant US Senate seat; CA voters conquered with his choice:

Rick Caruso(R) leads Karen Bass(D) for mayor of Los Angeles; the two will face one another in the general election.

Sacramento District Attorney Ann Schubert has been sent packing back to Sacramento to finish out her term. She failed miserably at trying to secure a bid for CA’s Attorney General…so sad, not really.

Other Races:

Here’s what else to know:

  • In Montana, Ryan Zinke, who served as President Donald Trump’s interior secretary and endured scandals, remained locked in a tight race in a Republican congressional primary for Montana’s 1st Congressional District.
  • In South Dakota, Gov. Kristi L. Noem (R) is projected to defeat a primary challenge from the right from state Rep. Steve Haugaard (R), a former Assembly speaker, even though Noem has Trump’s endorsement.
  • Incumbent Sen. John Thune, who is seeking his fourth term, also defeated his primary challengers.
  • In New Jersey, Republican Tom Kean Jr., son of a former governor, won his party’s nomination to mount a rematch against Rep. Tom Malinowski (D)in a congressional race. In Tuesday’s primary, Kean Jr. defeated six GOP challengers who portrayed him as too liberal.

***Anyone left of Mussolini is ‘too liberal’ in today’s GQP.

  • Iowa—88 year old Chuck Grassley (Dinosaur) secured the GQP nomination for US Senate. He will face Iowa Democrat Mike Franken, a retired Navy vice admiral.
  • New Jersey: Robert Menendez Jr., a Port Authority commissioner and son of New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez, has secured the Democratic nomination to fill the seat of retiring Rep. Albio Sires (D).
  • Menendez Jr., an attorney, now stands a good chance of winning the seat in November that his father represented before moving to the Senate. The state’s 8th District is heavily Democratic.
  • New Mexico: Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham will face Republican Mark Ronchetti in November.

Please feel free to post any election results you’ve stumbled across. Currently, my eyes are on Orange County, CA.

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