QAnon Lunatics Head Back to Dallas for Another ‘Second Coming’ of JFK

Last fall, QAnon Kool Aid server,  Michael Protzman, AKA Negative 48, promised the Cult of Lunatics that John F. Kennedy would reappear at Dealey Plaza. Obviously, JFK didn’t reappear because he was assassinated in 1963 and IF he for some impossible reason was alive today, JFK would be 105 years old.

According to Vice, Protzman has promised, once again, that JFK will reappear and reveal himself as the reincarnation of Jesus Christ if the Cult of Lunatics returns to Dallas this Saturday. He claims that after JFK reveals himself to the ‘special’ lunatics, 10 days of darkness will follow before he reveals himself to the rest of the world.

“What started in Dallas ends in Dallas,” one member of a Telegram group linked to the cult wrote on Friday morning.

At this point it’s unclear how many lunatics will travel to Dallas to see JFK NOT reappear.

The last pilgrimage to Dallas ” destroyed relationshipsfinancially ruined families, and pushed  increasingly erratic and wild conspiracies about Trump, JFK and the Ukraine war.”

“​​I’d like to say that I am glad Protzman’s group of believers are all heading back to Dallas so that Michael Protzman will be exposed as a liar, but I am not holding my breath that any of his followers will suddenly have the ability to think critically and see that they are following a madman,” a family member of one of Protzman’s followers told VICE News.  “They have the uncanny ability to believe everything Protzman tells them. I mean EVERYTHING.”

The family member, who did not want to be identified over fears of retaliation from the group, described the last 220 days as a “nightmare,” adding that they and the rest of the families affected by this just want “closure.”

“It has been something that has almost broken me completely,” they said. “I have had to come to grips with losing my loved one, and yet they are still alive. The person I once knew doesn’t seem to be there—mentally—anymore. It has filled me with anxiety, confusion, deep pain, and deep feelings of rejection.  It has been a difficult journey of trying to come to grips with something so unbelievable that it seems impossible to reconcile in my own thinking.”

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