Free Range Free Chat

Happy Monday, News Viewers, and welcome to Free Range, our Monday open thread for all those off topics thoughts that come and go through the day. Today is the second televised hearing by the January 6 Committee; time for a quick review of a couple of the comedic offerings after the incident itself and after the first hearing.

With comedy, the truth can be made clear from another angle. Comedy is one of the best tools we have, even when what’s being talked about is not really funny.

After the First Hearing last week
After the Insurrection
After the first hearing last week

While the hearings are occupying large swaths of time, space and brain acreage, a million other things are going on — our worlds IRL, the world internationally, a scene which doesn’t see the US as the center of the universe, the worlds of our own thoughts, insights and solutions, the world off this planet, “off this rock” where rovers rove and telescopes take pictures. We get to be reminded we’re not the center of the galaxy after all, no matter how dramatic life here seems right now.

So, share what’s on your mind, Freedom of Chat, it’s constitutional, following the “Don’t be an Asshole” amendment which guides us in freely chatting but doing so in a civil way. Take THAT Founding Fathers, and yes, you’re welcome. . . .😉😉

So dear community of News Viewers, whatcha got today?