Police Find Ammo, Guns, and Bombs in What’s Left of Bomb-Maker’s Home

A Warren, Michigan, man is hospitalized and clinging to life after an explosion in his home while he appeared to be building a bomb.

The 38-year-old unnamed suspect received second- and third-degree burns over 55% of his body, lost both of his arms, and is in a coma, listed in critical condition.

Police found several small explosive devices and “an arsenal of firearms,” including more than a dozen handguns and rifles, AR-style magazines, and 4,000 rounds of ammunition, according to Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer.

An undisclosed federal law enforcement agency had been investigating the man in a connection to illegal firearms. The man is also a member of an outlaw motorcycle gang and has an extensive criminal record that ranges from possessing drugs and dangerous weapons to resisting police.

Detroit Free Press