Dinesh D’Souza Is Mad at Bill Barr for Laughing at “2,000 Mules”

Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza had some harsh words for TFG’s former Attorney General Bill Barr after he dismissed his documentary film 2,000 Mules during testimony aired by the Select Committee investigating the January 6 insurrection.

D’Souza thinks his film showed that political operatives, referred to as “mules,” stuffed ballot boxes in key swing states, using purported geospatial data to document the alleged actions.

Bill Barr said the film failed to change his mind about widespread voter fraud allegations before laughing at its claims.

D’Souza added, “Bill Barr is the stereotypical small-town sheriff, overweight and largely immobile, whose rank incompetence results in the whole town being robbed from under his nose. Then, asked to explain how it happened, Fatso breaks into laughter and insists the robbery itself is ‘bulls**t.'” 

The filmmaker also had some words of “advice” for Merrick Garland.