Bombshell Boebert Claims Are Getting Debunked as Bogus

American Muckrakers PAC, created by co-founders David B. Wheeler and Colonel Moe Davis, spread some wild claims about Colorado Rep Lauren Boebert, alleging she was an unlicensed paid escort and had been the recipient of two abortions.

Among the allegations:

  • Boebert worked as an escort meeting clients through a website called
  • She had been hired by a wealthy client who was a member of the Koch family.
  • Koch family member introduced her to Ted Cruz to run for political office.
  • Boebert accepted at least $136,250 from Cruz in 2019 for her campaign.
  • Boebert had an abortion at approximately the age of 18 in Grand Junction, CO.
  • Boebert had a second abortion at the age of 23 at a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, ‘due to her work with a client.’

The Daily Beast is reporting that the claims are bogus fiction.

American Muckrakers had great success in targeting North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorne, who lost his primary bid for re-election in May. The PAC had copious amounts of evidence in pictures and videos which dethroned the far-right freshman Congressman.

But instead of credible evidence like photos or videos, Muckrakers has heavily redacted text message screenshots with an anonymous party supposedly close to Boebert. 

When the anonymous source writes that they “don’t get” why Cruz would support Boebert’s political aspirations, the interviewer asserts, without any proof, that Boebert was blackmailing Cruz.

“It’s obvious,” the interviewer writes. “She blackmailed him….You know her. She’s a kniving (sic) little witch.”

At least one of the claims in the text thread has been debunked. A photo of the woman the source claims is Boebert, seductively sitting on a bed in a white dress, is actually Mellissa Carone — the Giuliani fart-smelling witness who claimed election fraud in Detroit, Michigan — according to reporting by the Daily Mail.

Some other claims American Muckrakers are making:

  • Boebert crashed an off-road 4×4 while drunk and injured her sister-in-law. She failed to report the accident and asked the injured sister-in-law to say nothing two weeks before the 2020 primaries. American Muckrakers says they have audio evidence of the woman being transported by helicopter to a hospital in Grand Junction.
  • Boebert has used donor money to pay taxes and rent on her restaurant. The New York Times reported on June 8 that Boebert used $20,000 to pay off a tax lein on the restuarant. The Times also reports an investigation on inflated mileage she claimed for her campaign. Colorado officials are investigating.