Liveblog - In Case You Missed It: June 15, 2022

With so much going on in our world, we sometimes miss important issues. Please feel free to share any headlines we may have missed or new developments providing they come from reliable and credible sources. We won’t accept any parroted, Russian propaganda from far-right ‘news’ sources unless you’re trying to point out that the far-right extremist in our country and elsewhere actually believe their own BS or Russian disinformation. Nor, will we except any parroted far-right BS regarding issues occurring here, at home. We also ask that you provide a link to your source so folks can read it if they want. Please do not make any claims that you cannot factually validate or verify.


President Biden/Biden Administration:



Nice Crystal Ball, Cirrhosis Steve:


South Carolina:


Texas Special Election:


Idiots! The SHOT does not make ANYONE totally immune from getting COVID-19!

What it does do:

  • It helps prevent catching it. You might be around someone who has the virus and you may not even get it or if you do, you could be asymptomatic or, you might experience mild to moderate symptoms.
  • The shot also prevents hospitalization.
  • Landing on a ventilator
  • DYING (like Terd did) from the virus (to own the libs) !

What part of that, morons, do you NOT grasp?!?!

Many parents and grandparents are shedding tears of joy:

January 6 Updates:

Join News Views tomorrow am/noonish for another Live Discussion on the January 6th Committee Hearings.

Craven Assholes:

Senator Pitchfork Opens His Yap:

Other News:

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