Kellyanne Conway Goes Off the Rails and Trashes Her Husband

CNN host Michael Smerconish interviewed Kellyanne Conway this morning to discuss Trump and the Select Committee hearings, but the interview quickly became a non-stop rant about her husband.

George Conway had been interviewed on MSNBC earlier Saturday morning and had accused Trump of witness tampering during his speech in Nashville’s Faith and Freedom conference.

Hours later, the CNN host asked Kellyanne about the state of her marriage, and she breathlessly obliged.

“You know, in 2016, known as the year of the tweet, George Conway sent zero tweets,” she began. “Now he’s sent over 100,000. He can change his mind about Donald Trump, this is a free country, George has no allegiance to a political party or presidential candidate but his vows to me I feel were broken because we were all in.”

Kellyanne continued about her husband George being known as Mrs. Kellyanne Conway before he began tweeting so much about Trump and became part of the Lincoln Project.

“We should be honest about how everybody came to know him and that he became some kind of resistance folk hero but not at a small cost.”

She seemed to suggest that George had insisted she take the job with the Trump campaign, and was a success in her job because George was very helpful with family life.

“Again, just so your viewers who are saying ‘why did you have her on? I turned off the TV,’ although they didn’t or are reading online, they should know that George — I feel like I was owed an explanation. And this is not the situation, I gave up millions of dollars to go be a public servant in the White House. George wanted to have a big job in the Trump administration, we moved our family to Washington as a family. He changed his mind about Donald Trump somewhere along the way. Famously, Donald Trump never changes. I didn’t change my mind.”

“I just did not want to be stuck in a cable news segment in the master bedroom hearing about Trump, Trump, Trump,” says Kellyanne Conway. “And I think George became an expert on many things people wanted him to be, and all I really wanted was my husband and the father of my children as I always had him.”

The entire interview is above, but if you want to skip the part where she avoids answering any questions about Trump’s liability in the January 6 riot, you can forward to approximately the 1:50 mark to hear the conversation about her marriage.

RawStory, CNN

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