Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Proud Boys To Dress Appropriately for Protests

On June 11, a group of men stormed a drag queen story time at the San Lorenzo Library in East Bay San Francisco. Police believe they were Proud Boys.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has tips for the Proud Boys, on how to dress appropriately for protests.

“This is one of the Proud Boys,” Greene said. “They went and protested a drag queen story time and they disrupted the story time and now you can see that the sheriff’s department there [is] opening a hate crime investigation into the protest against the drag queen story time.”

“Well, this guy and his t-shirt sure do make it easy to create a profile of people that would go in and want to stop a drag queen story time, clearly, the shirt is something that they can use to make anyone who would want to stop a drag queen story time look dangerous, maybe look like they’re trying to kill someone, even though, clearly, none of us would support pedophilia in any way and definitely would want to stop pedophilia. But you can see the imaging problem here.”

“So just as you would go in and you would want to look good for a job interview or you would want to dress appropriately if you would want to, you know, anyone where you wanted to look respectful and you wanted people to think good things about you,” Greene said, and then advised people to dress well when protesting, attending school board meetings or meeting elected officials. I would suggest that you dress appropriately,” she said. “Do not give these people any reason to turn you into something you’re not.”


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