Free Range Free Chat

Happy Monday News Viewers, welcome to our Monday Free Chat/ Open Forum, with all the chat that’s fit to print. … In light of the fact that we’re in the middle of Pride Month, and in light of the fact that the rainbow symbol for inclusivity and tolerance is being banned in some countries, cities, neighborhoods, today I’m highlighting the colors found in nature. What better teacher can we have than nature to let us know the world isn’t just black and white? All things along a spectrum, very few are polarities. I’m not sure humans can really ban, exclude or separate color — Mother Nature tells us so.

I’m coming to you from colorful Florida where I’m visiting family — in a place full of bustling color, they’ve got a “black and white” governor, one who sees black, white, either/or, good/bad, right/wrong, my way/highway and nothing in between. Fundamentalism. A thought disorder that doesn’t comprehend the gray areas, doesn’t see rich color in nature or in world view. Fundie, thy name is GQP and welcome to Flawduh 😁😁

All the color in the world of nature, of mind and of community— that’s what’s on my mind this Monday. … What’s on your mind? Let’s chat — Now is the time and This is the place.