Ron Johnson Explains Sharing Fake Elector Package as NON-story After Faking Phone Call

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson tried on Tuesday to dodge reporters asking about a plan for him to hand-deliver fake elector documents to Mike Pence.

As revealed in the Select Committee hearings, a text exchange was revealed between staffers for Ron Johnson and Mike Pence, discussing the hand-delivering of documents by Johnson to Pence on January 6.

Johnson pretended to be on his phone as reporters followed him.

When asked if he supported the efforts to get the fake electors to the vice president, Johnson at first said, “No. I had no knowledge of this.”

But when pressed, his answer morphed into being aware of something.

“We didn’t know — literally don’t — it was a staff to staff — somebody from the House, some staff intern, you know, said we got to, the vice president needs this or whatever. I wasn’t involved,” said Johnson. “I don’t know what they said. But … somebody from the House delivered to a staff member in my office. My chief of staff called the vice president, ‘Hey, we got this.’ And the vice president said, ‘Don’t deliver it,’ and we didn’t.”

Asked if he wanted to know who had sent it, he said, “No. No, because there’s no conspiracy here. This is a complete non-story, guys. Complete non-story.” However, he said later that he had asked his staff about this when the news broke, and “nobody knows” who sent it.