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I read last night that Robb Elementary will be razed. It’s a miracle — Uvalde’s mayor agrees with President Biden, who suggested a federal grant program available for this kind of devastation. Sad.

It sent me down memory lane, remembering what it was like to be an elementary student. I’ll tell you one thing, it was nothing like what our babies have to deal with today.

Today’s Topic

Things have changed. Does anyone remember these things?

I certainly do not remember cell phones, tablets, or active shooter drills.

What memories stand out about your experience in elementary school?

I certainly don’t remember in Small Town, Midwest, ever praying in public school — but I do remember reciting the pledge of allegiance.

I remember the coarse texture and the volume of paperwork; the smell of a chunky eraser, choosing a new pack of crayons; kickball as an outdoor activity.

What do you find when you brush away the cobwebs?

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