Free Chat Friday, Week 26

Happy Friday, Rise and Shine News Viewers, if only we had something to talk about! (yeah, eyeroll🙄🙄) If only there weren’t so many things to talk about, that may be more on target .… .For us all, it’s been another savage week in the news.

The Supreme Court is story ONE, laying waste to all other immediate news. While the war in Ukraine and the Pandemic are worldwide, in the US, we’ve watched the dominoes fall, dominoes labeled women, church and state, gun safety, and the planet.

They’re not finished yet, and if we’re reeling now, what will we be doing when they have finished flaunting their power?

Let’s talk about it— anything goes except asshole behavior—it’s an easy rule to follow, a kind of Golden Rule seen from the negative side, ”don’t be an asshole to others if you don’t want others to be assholes to you. … 🥳💥 That said, what’s on your mind this a.m.?