Fox News Hosts Blame Women, Weed, and Psychotropic Drugs for Highland Park Shooting

Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham have interesting theories for the cause of mass shootings in Highland Park and other locales.

Tucker told his audience on Tuesday that many young men in America look as nutty as Robert Crimo, III, and are angry and high on government-approved drugs — because of authoritarian women in their lives continuously lecturing them about their privilege.

Laura Ingraham tag-teamed Tucker and continued down Psychosis Lane, suggesting that Crimo looked like a psychotic pot user who was obviously triggered by drug use to kill people.

Ingraham continued trying to connect marijuana usage to the uptick in mass shootings with Dr. Russell Kamer, who helps companies run employee drug tests through Partners in Safety.

“What we find in studies [is that] it’s very clear that the use of the high potency marijuana is strongly associated with the development of psychosis,” Kamer said. “My colleagues in Colorado,” Kamer continued, “are sounding the alarm because that was one of the first states to legalize. It’s practically a daily occurrence that kids come into the emergency rooms in florid, cannabis-induced psychosis.”

Ingraham went on to cite Beto O’Rourke as attempting to get rid of the Second Amendment while being oblivious to the violent consequences of marijuana legalization.

There is no known link between marijuana and violence according to Politifact.

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