Coffee Talk

Good morning, boys and girls, welcome to Free Chat Thursday, aka Coffee Talk.

Here you can talk about coffee, or you can talk about cats. You can also talk about Bojo, that pathetic wanker alley cat.

At Coffee Talk, it’s always your choice of topics, but there’s also a suggested topic, in the case that the cat’s got your tongue.

So grab your mugs and muffins and let’s get chatting.

Today’s Topic

I’d be willing to bet many times you’ve been asked about your favorite movies. I’ve got my answer down pat as one of those “security questions,” along with my first pet’s name. But not often do we ever discuss the worst movies of our lives, maybe one that was so pathetic that you took your popcorn and went home. I’ll share the movie experience that I’m certain anyone within earshot wished we had made an early exit — instead of snarking through the snacking until the end.

Matthew “Hold My Shirt” McConaughey proves you can take the boy to a dragon fight, but you can’t take the Texas drawl out of the boy in 2002’s Reign of Fire. Sorry if I offend anyone who really loves dragon movies. Against my better judgement, I took one for the team and went along with this one.

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever endured?

Maybe it was an out of character role for your favorite actor, some epically terrible special effects, or the dumbest premise that made it awful. It might have been a movie that was so bad it was good.

Share your version of the Worst. Movie. Ever.

But also — enjoy your free chat, and enjoy your Thursday!

Time for my second cup!