Hot Dog Eatery Offers Free Milkshake for Proof of Vasectomy

A hot dog joint in Nashville is raising awareness of men’s health and supporting male birth control by announcing a unique deal to men who show proof of a vasectomy: a free milkshake of choice with proof of vasectomy.

Sean “Big Daddy” Porter owns Daddy’s Dogs, a hot dog eatery in Nashville, Tennessee, and his TikTok video promoting vasectomies went viral.

“It’s a way to put the ball in the guy’s court, and will hopefully also help break the stigma that comes along with men’s health,” he said.


📢 Introducing the Snip for Shake deal. Get a vasectomy, get a free milkshake. ✂️🥤We really mean it. #fyp #vasectomy #milkshake #daddysdogs

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Tennessee is one of 13 states with a trigger law banning abortion after the fall of Roe v. Wade. The Tennessee law bans abortion at six weeks before many women know they are pregnant.

In Nashville, urologist Joseph Pazona said that he was flooded with inquiries about the procedure and expected his usual number of 50-60 vasectomies per month to double as a result of Tennessee’s abortion ban.

Tennessee ranks 41st in the country for women and children’s health, dogged by high rates of maternal and infant mortality, according to America’s Health Rankings. Much of the state is rural, with limited access to prenatal care—47 of 95 counties lack an OBGYN. It also has the nation’s highest rate of rural hospital closures, leading to longer travel times and riskier births.