What’s on the Menu?

Check out a few food trends as of July 8, 2022 and by the way, what’s on your table today?

Throwback Snacks: The ‘90s are back—and not just when it comes to fashion and beauty trends. It’s hitting grocery stores too— Post is bringing back a 1996 classic—Waffle Crisp cereal—this summer. They aren’t the only ones—The Sweets & Snacks Expo also cited “newstalgia” as a big treat trend this year, as companies provide new riffs on childhood favorites, like Eggo Pop-TartsLittle Debbie Cosmic Brownie Ice Cream and Peeps Gummies.

Coffee Cereal: It started as an offhand Instagram comment—then became a reality. Chamberlain Coffee partnered with OffLimits to launch a limited-edition cereal that tastes like dark chocolate, then gradually infuses your milk with a subtle cold brew flavor. Each serving contains about 15 mg of caffeine, too, providing you with a little energy boost.

Ghost Kitchens: From tasty treats like whipped coffee to cooking tricks like juicy smash burgers, crispy bacon twists, and pasta chips and dip, TikTok users are regularly concocting viral creations that users can replicate. With over a billion users, TikTok provides a vast space for culinary creators. From original recipes to gastronomic hacks, virtual chefs are some of the most popular TikTok video makers, generating hundreds of millions of views. 

Passion Fruit: Passion fruit lends tart tropical flavors to drinks and desserts. In April, views of articles and recipes related to passion fruit grew 1,469% on EatingWell.com compared to last year. 

Plant Dominance: Vegetarianism is truly dynamic now with incredible work from food engineers. Take plant milk, for example. Who needs coconut milk when there’s potato milk? Made from mixing boiled potatoes with the water they’re cooked in, apparently, it’s pretty good, especially with the addition of several other ingredients, including pea protein. DUG is a potato-based milk available now in some European and Chinese locales.

Cucumber Everything: What makes a recipe go viral? Here at EatingWell, anything with cucumbers, apparently. Cucumbers are a crunchy, refreshing summer vegetable. They’re readily available, relatively inexpensive and offer some health benefits too. 

Baby Bok Choy: So what veggies are trending this year? Baby bok choy, for one. Baby bok choy cooks up in minutes, making it a great easy weeknight side. It’s also loaded with nutrients, like its cruciferous cousins—Brussels sprouts, cabbage and kale. 

Canned Cocktails: When it comes to popular drinks trends, expect to see more canned cocktails in the cooler. On Google Trends, search queries for “canned margarita brands” saw a 700% increase in the last 12 months, while interest in “best canned cocktails” is up 850%.

Food Fusion: It would seem strange to see this collision of food trends happening even as people continue to stay home, were it not for the necessity involved. When you can’t get enough Lebanese ingredients, you decide to combine a few Japanese vegetables from the Asian market. Suddenly you’ve invented a new food type. Humans are endless experimenters and artists with food, which means they’re often adventurous eaters as well.

Swicy Flavor Combos: Hot honey fans, now is your time. “Swicy,” aka a combination of sweet and spicy flavors, is taking over the snack and condiment aisles. Try Sriracha Honey Cashews or slather your hot dogs in Honey Dijon or try curry ketchup, just to name a handful of options. 

Blush Booze: The Dirty Shirley—a spiked twist on the grenadine-tinted drink—has been an early hit this summer, but it’s far from the only blush-hued bev taking over happy hour. Rosa tequila, which gets its color from being aged in red wine barrels, has been popping up in margaritas and palomas (and as a sippable drink on the rocks). And rosé remains as popular as ever, especially with buzzy launches like The Pale and Summer Water’s 2021 variety (both crisp, refreshing and well balanced.)

Source: Purewow and The Manual and Eating Well