Mike Flynn: 80% of the US Constitution Was ‘Created by the Bible Itself’ !

Michael Flynn and Roger Stone show off their presidential pardons.


Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is claiming that the Constitution is almost identical to the Bible.

Speaking with Pastor Steve Schultz on the podcast Prophets and Patriots, Flynn shared how he came to this conclusion.


“About 75 to 80 percent of the Constitution is created — and I use that word specifically — is created by the Bible itself,” Michael Flynn said.

“When you really dig in and you read the Bill of Rights and you read the Ten Commandments, those are promises that we make,” he continued. “And then the fulfillment of those promises are the Constitution and the Bible. That’s how we get fulfillment of those promises.”

Flynn went on to say they he came to this realization within the last few years, “because the more that I have studied our nation and what’s happening right now, what I have come to the realization of is we in fact were created by the Creator … it’s mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.”


It appears, Bible thumper Flynn attempted to steal nearly $40,000 from the Army and taxpayers.


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