Matt Gaetz fumbles meaning of Bisexuality and Lesbianism during House Hearing on abortion

HRC director Sarah Warbelow, who identifies as bisexual, corrected Gaetz during a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

Rep. Matt Gaetz fumbled on the proper understanding of what “bisexual” means during Thursday’s U.S. House Judiciary Committee hearing and Human Rights Campaign legal director, Sarah Warbelow, who identifies as a bisexual, was on hand to help him out. 

“If a woman is with men and women, then they’re bisexual, right?” Gaetz asked during the hearing, which focused on the effect the Roe v. Wade reversal will have on basic human rights.

“That is not true, sir,” Warbelow responded. “An individual who is attracted to people of both sexes; both men and male and female; is someone who’s bisexual. They can be in long-term, monogamous relationships.

“I worry that if the LGBTQ community and advocacy organizations for same-sex couples somehow reorient to be a pro-abortion enterprise, that could actually result in fewer same-sex couples having access to the family formation that gives them fulfilled lives,” Gaetz said to Warbelow during the hearing. “Are you concerned about that?”

“What I would be concerned about is forcing women to carry a pregnancy simply to satisfy another couple’s desire to have a child,” was Warbelow’s response.

Gaetz called into question whether fewer lesbians become pregnant through sexual assault than same-sex couples who want to adopt, which Warbelow commented “I think that’s impossible to know.”

Further confused down the line, Gaetz brought the following question to the table: 

“You’re saying that lesbian women are also capable of being into men?”

Warbelow corrected Gaetz again by reminding him that they’d been discussing bisexuals, not lesbians.