Dallas ISD now requiring clear or mesh backpacks for some students this year

In a statement, the Dallas Independent School District said, “Starting in the 2022-2023 school year, students in sixth through 12th grade will be required to use clear or mesh backpacks. Other bags will no longer be allowed.”

The statement continued, “Our decision stems from safety recommendations made by the district’s Safety Task Force and Internal Task Force as well as feedback from students, parents, and the community. We acknowledge that clear or mesh backpacks alone will not eliminate safety concerns. This is merely one of several steps in the district’s comprehensive plan to better ensure student and staff safety.”


According to the district website, the backpacks have to be completely transparent. They cannot be clear-colored and the back of them can’t have a solid color. The backpack straps can be a solid color.

“By being able to easily see the items in the backpacks as students enter the school, campus personnel will be able to ensure that prohibited items are not included among the students’ belongings,” the district wrote online. “Clear or mesh backpacks will also speed up students entering the school at the beginning of the day because opening and inspecting every backpack may not be necessary.”

For Dallas ISD, the new backpack rule says the clear or mesh backpacks for middle school students can be about 12 inches wide, 16.5 inches tall, and 5 inches deep with zippered outer pockets.

Backpacks for high schoolers can be 13 inches wide, 17.5 inches tall, and 6.5 inches deep with zippered outer pockets.


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