Liveblog - In Case You Missed It: July 20, 2022

With so much going on in our world, we sometimes miss important issues. Please feel free to share any headlines we may have missed or new developments providing they come from reliable and credible sources. We won’t accept any parroted, Russian propaganda from far-right ‘news’ sources unless you’re trying to point out that the far-right extremist in our country and elsewhere actually believe their own BS or Russian disinformation. Nor, will we except any parroted far-right BS regarding issues occurring here, at home. We also ask that you provide a link to your source so folks can read it if they want. Please do not make any claims that you cannot factually validate or verify.


President Biden/Biden Administration:



Dan Cox, a far-right Trump loyalist, wins Maryland’s Republican primary for governor.

Dan Cox, a far-right state delegate who has made outlandish claims about the 2020 election and called Vice President Mike Pence “a traitor” during the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, has won Maryland’s Republican primary for governor.

The Associated Press declared Mr. Cox, who was endorsed by former President Donald J. Trump, the winner over Kelly Schulz, a protégé of Gov. Larry Hogan, and two other minor candidates.

The Worst People in the World:

Break News in MAGAt/Fundie Freakland:

Craven Assholes:

Maybe the parents of the dead students in Uvalde might want to clue Cancún Cruz in on how things really worked:

Arizona GOP censures House Speaker Rusty Bowers

The Arizona Republican Party’s executive committee censured House Speaker Rusty Bowers on Tuesday night, calling him “unfit to serve” to serve the party’s platform or will of the voters.

Party Chair Kelli Ward’s post released on social media listed Bowers’ “inaction on election integrity … co-sponsoring Democrat-led bills … and general disregard for precinct, legislative, county and state and national Republican Party leadership.”

Since January 2021, the Arizona GOP also has censured Gov. Doug Ducey, Cindy McCain and former Sen. Jeff Flake.

Other News:

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