Ohio Teacher Leaves Underpaid Profession For a Career at Walmart 

An Ohio man quit teaching to make over $20,000 a year more at Walmart, he claimed in a video that went viral this week. “Leaving teaching after 6 years to go be a manager at Walmart and make more not using my degree,” said Sethy Gabriel in a TikTok video on Monday. His footage has been viewed over 780,000 times.

In the comments section, Gabriel explained that he “loved teaching” and left purely because of the pay. He said he made $43,000 a year as a teacher in Ohio, compared with $65,000 to $70,000 as a Walmart Coach, depending on bonuses. Once he rose to the role of manager he could earn over $100,000, Gabriel claimed.

Gabriel said his work week of 45 hours at Walmart will be a lot less than he put in as a teacher. 

Teachers’ job satisfaction hit an all-time low this year, according to the Merrimack College Teacher Survey. Most respondents said they felt overworked, underpaid and under-appreciated. Only 12 percent said they were very satisfied with their jobs, down from 39 percent in 2012. More than half said they likely wouldn’t advise their younger selves to pursue a career in teaching.


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