Free Chat Friday, Week 29

Good Morning and Happy Friday, News Viewers, and welcome to Free Chat, our Friday open forum for all the news and all the views fit to print.

After last night’s hearing, we have another piece of the puzzle in place, only to find the puzzle keeps getting bigger. We learned that investigations by the J6 Committee will continue into September as they slowly, methodically, answer the questions we’ve been asking. We greeted the latest specter in this unfolding horror script, that of the Secret Service. They guard the President, all right, but it turns out there are some bullets they won’t take for him, especially if those bullets are digital, informational and blow open the “Secret” in Secret Service.

One consistent lesson we learn from the hearings . … we have no shortage of bad humans on the Hill our democracy is dying on.


So rise and shine, News Viewers, break out the caffeine and the OJ, share your thoughts and ideas, and all the goings on in your corner of this hot planet —- whatcha got?

Who should be the next senator from California?