MAGAts Forget They Allegedly ‘Back the Blue;’ Jan. 6 Hearing Protesters Hassle Ex-Police Officer Michael Fanone

During the January 6, MAGAt attack on our nation’s Capitol Building, former police officer Michael Fanone suffered a heart attack and was beaten by a mob of MAGAts. On Thursday night, a group of MAGAts harassed Mr. Fanone while he attended a hearing by the House select Committee investigating last year’s MAGAt attack.

 A man wearing a black hat and holding a large banner with an image of TFG and the words “toxic loser” used the banner to separate Fanone from the people following him. Ironically, the man who ‘dramatically’ fell into a planter box tells nearby police officers that the man with the anti-Trump banner “just hit me with his pole.”

Photos taken by the Washington Post show the man with the anti-TFG banner, Stephen Parlato, of Boulder, Colo., in handcuffs.

Earlier Thursday, Fanone, along with two other officers, attended the hearing of Lucas Denney, the 44-year-old, “who had pleaded guilty to an assault on law enforcement. Denny was accused of hurling a long plastic pipe in to police lines and acting with the crowd that attacked then-D.C. Officer Michael Fanone.”

As he left the Jan 6 hearing, Fanone took a few, well deserved swipes at Chickenshit Hawley.

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