Tesla gets its own border crossing lane into Mexico

The state of Nuevo Leon struck a deal with Tesla

At a remote Mexico border crossing a few miles upriver from Laredo, Texas, a green highway sign welcomes friends of an American company in an instantly recognizable font: TESLA.

Tesla Inc. suppliers now have a dedicated lane at the Colombia Solidarity checkpoint to quicken the crossing, said Ivan Rivas, the economy minister of Nuevo Leon.

It was a simple incentive,” Rivas said in an interview. “What we want is a crossing that’s much more expedited and efficient. And maybe there will be a lane for other companies in the future like there is for Tesla.”

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection, however, has given Tesla no such exemption, according to a spokesperson from the agency, so it looks like the ease of access is only one way for now.


Mexican region gives Tesla and its suppliers a dedicated border crossing lane

Article submitted by, Ball Peen Hammer.

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